The Joliet Center is a private mental health practice located in the heart of Joliet, Illinois. We offer a wide variety of treatment options for adolescents, adults (Young/Older/Geriatric), couples, and families. Our services include medication management, psychotherapy, counseling, behavior modification, group psychotherapy, couples and family therapy, as well as hypnosis. Our experienced staff offers the most current medications and treatment options available.

We are consultants and provide treatment, medication management and care to  over 10 nursing home facilities including but not limited to: Meadowbrook Manor, Lakewood, Villa Franciscan, Parc of Joliet,Springcreek,Rivershore,Rosewood and St Patrick Nursing Home.

We accept most insurance including Medicare. We do not accept public aid. If you have any billing questions please contact office manager Diane at 815-729-7790 ext 102

In addition to our traditional services the Joliet Center provides opportunities for patients to participate in research. Many of our trials include study medications and other investigational drugs which would otherwise not be available to the public. For more information about research please click on tab section or call at 815-729-7790 ext 6.

If you would like more information or would like to schedule an appointment with one of our psychiatrists, nurse practioners, or therapists, please call us at 815-729-7790 and dial 104 for the receptionist.


Joliet Centerfor Clinical Research 
210 N Hammes Ave 
Suite 205 
Joliet, Il 60435 

Phone: 815-729-7790 extension 104   

Appointments: 815-729-7790 ext 1

Billing: 815-729-7790 extension 3

Research: 815-729-7790 ext 6

Facsimile: 815-725-8144   

If you currently are in crisis or experiencing thoughts of suicide; thoughts of harm to self or others; unusual or erratic behavior or moods, please call 911 or go to your nearest hospital or Emergency Room immediately. Please be aware that there will be no one to take your call if it is after hours or a non-business day including Sat., Sun and holidays.  Please allow one business day for a response to any message left for the office.


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